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Winners FEST 2019

On the final stretch of FEST's 15th edition, we reveal this year's winners. These are the choices of the invited jury panel and the audiences that visited us, in charge of judging short and feature films that were a part of the official selection. The winning films can be seen on Monday, 1st of July, at Multimeios de Espinho, starting at 2:30 pm.


Golden Lynx: International Feature Films Competition

Golden Lynx for Best Fiction Feature
System Crasher, Nora Fingscheidt

Golden Lynx for Best Feature Documentary
Gods of Molenbeek, Reetta Huhtanen

Honorable Mention
Born in Evin, Maryam Zaree

Audience Awards

Cineuropa Audience Award for Best Feature Film
Born in Evin, Maryam Zaree

Cineuropa Audience Award for Best Short Film
Daughter, Mara Tamkovich

Silver Lynx: International Short Films Competition
Silver Lynx for Best Fiction Short Film
Mistérios da Carne, Rafaela Camelo

Honorable Mentions
023_Greta_s, Annika Birgel
The Handover, Leonhard Hofmann

Silver Lynx for Best Documentary Short Film
Liminaali & Communitas, Laura Rantanen

Honorable Mention
The Dam, Natalia Koniarz

Silver Lynx for Best Experimental Short Film
Bloom, Emmanuel Fraisse

Silver Lynx for Best Animation Short Film
You Are Overreacting, Karina Paciorkowska

Honorable Mention
Applesauce, Alexander Gratzer

National Grand Prix for Best Portuguese Short Film
No Limiar do Pensamento, António Sequeira

Honorable Mention
Teus Braços, Minhas Ondas, Débora Gonçalves

NEXXT Award for Best Academic Movie
Elephantfish, Meltse Van Coillie

Honorable Mention
Adjournment, Nina Marissiaux
Sister, Siqi Song

FESTinha Awards

FESTinha under 10 Audience Award (until 10 years old)
The Ape Man, Pieter Vandenabeele

FESTinha under 14 Audience Award (until 14 years old)
Birthplace, Sil van der Woerd, Jorik Dozy

FESTinha under 18 Audience Award (until 18 years old)
LikeScilla Andreen


2019 Winning Sessions

1st of July Multimeios de Espinho Auditorium. 

14h30. Short Film Winners

17h00. Golden Lynx Documentary Winners

19h30. Silver Lynx Fiction Winners

21h30. Cineuropa Audience Award Winner


Pitching Forum also presented its winners yesterday.


Pitching Forum winners

Feature Film

Mentorship Award

Just - Jack Turits and Katarzyna Dorda


Postproduction Award (offered by Halo)

The Chuck Band Show - Aet Laigu


FEST Film Lab Award

Goodbye Julia - Mohamed Kordofani and Amjad Abu Alala

Hazel Eyes - Maria Ibrahimova

Tenebris Vulnus - Anais Blondet

The Van - Laura Seixas and Renata Pereira



Mentorship Award  

The Red House - Gianluca De Angelis


Postproduction Award (offered by Envy) 

Bigger than Trauma - Vedrana Pribačić


FEST Film Lab Award 

Promised Land - Margarida Gramaxo


Short Film

Mentorship Award

The Custodian - David Tallon 


Postproduction Award (offered by Goldcrest)

Alia - Zahra Berrada


FEST Film Lab Award

The Brave - Joana Vieira da Costa