Other Networking Activities

FEST presents numerous networking activities and various opportunities to build meaningful collaborations and partnerships such as Speed Meeting, Educators Meet-up and Special Events.



Held on the first day of the Industry Program week, 25th June, 2024, the Speed Meeting is an activity to break the initial ice. Each attendee will have one minute to chat with the person in front of them about as many things as possible, for 1 minute, resembling a speed date. When the buzzer goes off, the inner circle must move to one side, with each participant changing person, to give everyone an opportunity to meet each other. 

The Speed Meeting is only accessible to attendees with TALENT and PRO accreditation.



The FEST Film Educator's Meet-up is an activity that brings together partner schools teachers to debate among themselves and reflect on the challenges of teaching in cinema. It is an activity that establishes connections, shares experiences and know-how and will take place on the 27th of June.

Past Editions:

Tobias Frühmorgen

- Educating for Change: Preparing Film Students for a Sustainable Career in the Industry

"This session will explore how film educators can better prepare students for a career in an increasingly eco-conscious film industry. Panelists will discuss the importance of teaching students not only the technical skills required for filmmaking but also the ethical and environmental considerations that will shape their careers. Attendees will learn strategies for helping students navigate the challenges and opportunities of sustainable filmmaking in a rapidly evolving industry."

Chris Nunn, Mats Dahlman, Luís Miranda, Marina Hughes, Nicola Hens

- Filmmaking Education for Change

"The film and television industries have seen a lot of change in recent years. Changes in production methods, working practices and the increased desire for a better work/life balance. Conversely, now more than ever, it seems that film and television play pivotal roles in advocating for change in a world where hope can sometimes feel a distant prospect. What is the role then, of film educators, in these tumultuous times? How do we support our students in understanding both the changing nature of the film and television industries, the need to adapt, as well as the importance of filmmakers as advocates for social and political change, the need for others to help?"



The Industry Lounge is a very dynamic space with daily activities for our participants.

With the presence of high tables to serve as work stands or meeting points, puffs to relax while catching some sun and beverages, the Festival Lounge aims to give attendees a place where they can mix work with casual conversation, which is the perfect combination between work and leisure.

From wine and cheese happy hours, Educators Meet-Up, Portuguese Grand Prix cocktails and multiple activities, like "People Bingo", the Lounge is a constant reminder of the festival’s spirit.



FEST Nights are the place to be at the end of each day of the festival, whether you are looking for good music and a dance floor to release some energy or for a place at the table to chat with long-time friends and recent ones, over a delicious glass of wine.

During the day, the extensive program of film screenings and activities keeps everyone entertained. During the night, all the streets of Espinho have a single destination: the FEST Nights at the festival's official bar.



Participate in other special events that may happen during the week of the festival. Take advantage of FEST Network and the presence of +800 filmmakers, industry professionals and film students to increase your international connections.