Nuno Fonseca

Film Industry Role: Sound expert

Nationality: Portuguese

Major Works: “Poltergeist”, "Steve Jobs”


Nuno Fonseca is the creator of the "Sound Particles" software, a 3D CGI-like software for sound design, capable of using particle systems to generate thousands of sounds in a virtual 3D world. The software is under test in all major "Hollywood” studios (Skywalker, Universal, Fox, WB, Sony, Technicolor/Paramount, Pinewood, Park Road Post), and was already used in movies like “Poltergeist”, "Steve Jobs”, "Batman v Superman”, “Ninja Turtles 2”, “Ghostbusters”, among others.
He is a professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (Portugal) and an invited professor at the Lisbon Superior Music School (Portugal), having a BSc in electronics engineering, an MSc and PhD in computer engineering (computer audio), with 2 books and more than 20 published papers regarding audio topics. 

Nuno Fonseca is also the creator of “VotA Utility” and the “WordBuilder” text-to-sing software, integrated by EASTWEST (USA) on some of their products, and used by movie, TV and game composers around the world.