Live Til I Die

Representante do Projeto: Oscar Hedin

País: Sweden

Tagline: In an elderly home on the outskirts of Stockholm, a deep relationship unfolds between an activity coach who still grieves for her grandmother and a 99-yeal-old resident who doesn't have any children.


At Kyrkbyn, an elderly home on the outskirts of Stockholm, many of the residents will soon turn 100 years old. Wheel- haired or with very low mobility, some of them didn’t even know each other’s names until an activity coach was hired to break this solitude. With no nursing education but a warm, extroverted personality and bunch of daring ideas, Monica Lyander caught their attention. The film begins when Monica has reawakened their youthful spirits, turning them into a playful gang who are always ready to crack an unexpected joke or participate in spa sessions, boxing lessons and themed dinners. The backbone of the story is given by Ella’s development, a 99-year-old gracious and cheerful lady. She has built a very strong connection to Monica, who now calls her ‘grandmother’. When Ella must have her leg amputated and her health worsens, Monica rushes to make the most out of Ella’s last days, organizing a big celebration for her 100th birthday and taking her back to the village where she grew up.

Though rewarding, this journey becomes an emotional marathon and when Ella dies, Monica feels broken and realizes this is a cycle that will never end; she will give her energy and affection to people she will soon lose. Does she have to detach, or can she continue? Live Till I Die breaks taboos surrounding an increasingly long life expectancy and explores what it means to live life fully on the last hundred meters, while embracing with humor and candor the ups and downs of old age. 


Bio do Autor


Åsa Ekman’s diptych on children exposed to domestic violence Say Something (2015) and My life my Lesson (2014) premiered at IDFA, won the Swedish TV-prize Kristallen for Best Documentary two years in a row, and reached over ten million viewers. My life my lesson was nominated for the Guldbaggen and won the Nordic Docs award for Best Documentary.

Oscar Hedin founded Film and Tell in 2010 and prior to that he made films that reached large audiences, formed opinions and changed laws. His film about the soccer team Assyriska, A National Team Without a Nation (2005), won the Golden Palm at the Beverly Hills Films Festival. Aching Heart (2007), focusing on the Jihadist movement in Sweden was nominated for a Guldbagge, Prix Europa and Ikaros, and won the Amulet.