Through the Window

Representante do Projeto: Daniel Stopa

País: Poland

Tagline: Through the tiny window of a small-town kiosk, we observe the warm-hearted, humorous interactions between the newsagent and her customers.


In a particular Polish town, there is a special type of convenience store which the townspeople visit each day: their local newsagent. What are they doing there? They shop, discuss the weather and make small talk about other. Sometimes they are looking for advice, sometimes they stop only to say “Good morning” to the woman who works there. We watch their encounters with the newsagent through the shop window, a series of unique mini-dialogues that sometimes make us laugh, and sometimes make us cry. We find out what amuses, fascinates and upsets the townspeople.

Some of the customers are regulars who treat their visits to the counter as their daily chore. Some are admirers who visit their newsagents with a kind word, or even a gift. There are some who seem to happen upon the newsagent by chance, but still become a part of this unconventional collective portrait. As the seasons pass, and the end of winter nears, more and more customers form a unique bond with their newsagent. Through the Window is a document – minimalist in approach, but with maximal results – focusing on everyday observations of human faces


Bio do Autor

Daniel Stopa, director & cinematographer

Daniel Stopa was born August 11, 1988 in Olkusz. He is a graduate of the Kieslowski Film School in Katowice and film studies at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. As an assistant director and editing assistant he collaborated on such feature documentary films: Brothers (dir. Wojciech Staroń), Opera about Poland (dir. Piotr Stasik), Andrew Warhol. My Factory (dir. Bogdan Dziworski) or Sonny (dir. Paweł Chorzępa).

In 2018 he made his first fiction short Skinny, which was presented at many international festivals, incl. Camerimage International Film Festival, Bogotá Short Film Festival or DokuFest - International Documentary and Short Film Festival. In addition to the short film Through the Window (production: Munk Studio), he is currently working on two feature-length documentaries: Kiosk and Until Wedding (both produced by Kiosk Films). The project Until Wedding was awarded at the 60th Krakow Film Festival as the best project within the Doc Lab Poland - Docs to Go program.