The World or Nothing

Representante do Projeto: Virgílio Pinto

País: Portugal

Tagline: The beginning of Summer, during an intense heatwave inseparable childhood friends choose different paths for their lives, tensions grow when and old crush comes into the picture.


In the outskirts of Lisbon, during the biggest heatwave of the Summer, Mauro, 19 years old but mature for his age, gets his first job as a shelf stacker in a big supermarket chain, at the same time his childhood friend and roommate, Bebuxo an enthusiastic dreamer that gets by by doing odd jobs, gets invited to DJ at their city’s most important Summer party, a dream come true for him.

For the first time since they were kids they decide to follow different paths, this creates a tension that escalates even further when they start to develop a romantic interest for their former school friend Diana.

As Mauro deals with the disillusionment that comes with the daily grind of his dead end job, the frustrating interaction with his superiors, the empty promises and cliched corporate expressions he his confronted with his best friend’s unwavering belief in achieving his dreams.

As each day that passes leading do the party excited and focused Bebuxo between practicing his set, day dreams of a career full of fame and success this ambition makes him grow closer to Diana an equally ambitious and adventurous person, as Mauro deals with feelings of resentment at work, when he sees coworkers getting fired and at home where he might lose a romantic partner and a best friend in the process he feels he must take a stand.


Bio do Autor

Virgílio Pinto, director

Virgílio Pinto was born in 1993 in Luanda, Angola and in 1999 emigrates to Portugal, his passion for filmmaking begins when a high school teacher gives an assignment to film an adaption to contemporary times the play "Frei Luís de Sousa" by Almeida Garret.

In 2017 he receives his bachelors in "Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communications" by Universidade Lusófona and directs and produces his first short film The Third Half/A Terceira Metade that is screened at festivals like Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival,FEST, Fantasporto, Córtex, Caminhos and has been developing work as a videographer and assistant director in film and advertising.