The Story of Shoes

Representante do Projeto: Anja Kofmel

País: Switzerland

Tagline: A single pair of shoes becomes a symbol of an unknown and dark chapter in the history of rural Switzerland.


Little Peter grows up in poverty on a farm in the Swiss village of Walkringen. When his alcoholic father is killed in an accident, the village authorities auction off the family farm and sell the children to foster families as labourers.

Peter, the youngest, is assigned to a miserly farmer in the neighbouring village. He is forced to work hard every day as an errand boy, carrying the milk to the village. He initially resists and tries to escape, but he doesn’t stand a chance.

When the weather grows cold, Peter receives a pair of worn-out shoes from the farmer, which he can hardly walk in as they are much too big for him. Peter stuffs the shoes with straw to keep his feet warm in winter.

Over the years, Peter's feet grow, but despite repeated requests, he is not given a larger pair of shoes. He keeps his shoes on at night, fearing that one morning, he will no longer be able to put them on. His feet become severely inflamed and begin to grow into the hard leather shoes. In his feverish dreams, he runs like a light-footed hare through the soft meadows, far away from the farm.

In his distress, Peter cuts open the toes of his shoes. The village cobbler takes pity on him and helps him obtain a new pair of shoes, which become the catalyst for him to find an unexpected and painful solution to his situation.


Bio do Autor


Rahel Landolt, director & writer

Rahel Landolt is the author and director of The Story of the Shoes.

She will also be responsible for a part of the animation. She was born in 1977 in Berne, Switzerland. She completed her initial training as a primary school teacher, and still teaches in a part-time capacity. She then went on to study arts and design at the Berne University of the Arts, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree. She continued her studies at the renowned Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, focussing on illustration and animation and earning her Masters in 2013.

During her studies, she was involved in several film projects. Her first project, Botanische Rundschau, was an artistic staging of flowers, while the multimedia installation Panopticon combined animation and live film.

Her first short film, Flirt (2015), was screened in Annecy (2015), at the Brooklyn IFF (2016), Yerevan ReAnimania (2015), Monstra Lisboa Animated FF (2016), among many others. In 2015, it was awarded Best animated film by the Berner Filmförderung as well as winning the Music Award at the 11th Animfest Athens International Film Festival.

The Story of the Shoes is a project very dear to her heart.