O Pomar

Representante do Projeto: Ana Manana

País: Portugal

Tagline: Laura works at the pear harvesting when her friend, Carol, arrives at the village and confronts about her true intent.


West, end of the summer.

Laura works at the pear harvesting, a family business. During the afternoon, Carol arrives at the village to spend a few of her vacation days with her friends. That night, when Laura catches them stealing pears from one of her father’s orchards, she is confronted by her friend regarding her true intent.


Bio do Autor

Ana Manana, co-director & co-writer

After attending to Fine Arts University of Lisbon, Ana and Joana decided to base cinematographic criteria and references, and joined Kino-Doc, where we made the documentary Caravagyo, a portrait of a pair of Portuguese-Brazilian DJs who introduced Brazilian funk music into Lisbon's nightlife, creating an alternative and queer-friendly space that supported and promoted new projects from a young and politically active community. The documentary was filmed in spaces and contexts that may no longer exist in the city, which is currently going through a period of gentrification and a pandemic crisis. We immerse ourselves in more creative and DIY thinking. A punk attitude, in a somewhat political way, when facing the world in a detached way and without fear of the future. It also gave us the willingness to work with an intimate and diverse team, to reflect on (not exclusively) female voices, and above all young people, cultural agents who inspire us as role models to create and act politically.

Today, we further our path in cinema and in Visual Anthropology, a field of studies that has asserted us as attentive filmmakers with an in depth look at the reality surrounding us, on contemporary discourses and the way they have been reflected in cinematographic and documentary production. We have been working on the “city” theme, more specifically on Lisbon, but also on who it’s agents are and where they come from.