Trip to Kiev

Representante do Projeto: Ione Hernandez

País: Spain & Ukraine

Tagline: Marcos and Lucía decide to travel by car from Spain to Kiev to go pick up the child they have agreed to have through a surrogate Ukrainian mother. Hoping to also reignite their marriage.


Marcos and Lucía, in their 40´s, travel by car from Spain to Kiev to pick up the child they have agreed to have through surrogacy. There is one month left for the child to be born. The two have decided to make this trip so that the transition to their new phase in life is not sudden. The trip uncovers a relationship crisis that has been dragging on for a long time and will make Lucía question the decision made.

Alina, 28, travels from her hometown to Kiev. She has signed a contract with a Surrogacy Agency to carry Marcos and Lucía's son. She stays in a shared flat that the Agency has arranged for her. It is mandatory to spend the last month of the pregnancy in an apartment under supervision with eight other women. These days that they all spend together, allows them to get to know each other. Suddenly Alina is unwell and is admitted to hospital. The birth comes early.

The baby is given to a nurse to prevent bonding with the child. Meanwhile, a few km from Kiev, Marcos and Lucia see the delivery on a tablet screen.

They arrive at the Hospital. The excitement of having their child in their arms makes them forget their misunderstandings. Alina is discharged from the hospital as Marcos and Lucía leave the hospital with their son. Alina walks behind them, unaware of the
couple and the child and returns home.

The journey that began a week ago is now done in reverse, leaving behind the billboards of agencies that invite young Ukrainian women to be surrogates to have a better future. 


Bio do Autor


Ione Hernandez, director & writer 

Until recently I was unaware of surrogacy; it did not exist as a reality in my life. Now it generates debates and, in the country, where I live, it is prohibited. Every year, hundreds of women travel to Ukraine in search of their babies conceived in the womb of another woman. However, in Ukraine surrogacy is legal; young women in this country resort to this activity to get out of poverty. These two realities catch my attention and I wonder if the desire to be a mother is above all else.

The film proposes to explore the theme of surrogacy from the two realities involved: that of the parents who travel to look for the child and that of the pregnant mother who travels to Kiev to spend her last weeks of pregnancy in a shared apartment provided by the agency. In this tour I propose a structure in which the first act focuses on the couple's trip to Kiev and the second act focuses on the pregnant mother. The third act unites the couple and the pregnant mother. As a woman I speak out against surrogacy, as a creator and filmmaker I just want to put the camera on the realities that come to this agreement without judging or creating a moralistic story.

My journey is the journey of the film, the same one that my 3 protagonists make and it is a journey that is addressed to all audiences because it is a current issue and it is also a journey that crosses different realities and countries, with which the nature of this story is already international in nature.