The Portal

Representante do Projeto: Chadi Abo

País: Syria, France & Egypt

Tagline: Rémi is a war journalist, is trying to enter a refugee camp. He heard about Sana, a miraculous girl that has unique abilities: she could communicate with the stars and bring back dead children to life.


2016. A refugee camp in the Syrian desert. Remi is a French war journalist who earns his living taking photos of dead bodies, execution moments, and other horrid pictures of the everyday misery of war zone. His cynical attitude hides terrible grief: he lost his wife and daughter in a terrorist attack in Istanbul some years ago.

He and his Syrian interpreter, Zeid, are trying to enter a refugee camp hold by jihadists. They heard about Sana, a “miraculous girl”. Rumors say that she has unique abilities: she could communicate with the stars and bring back dead children to life…

They are not the only ones looking for the little girl: the cruel Emir and his soldiers have just found her and keep her prisoner in a tent under close surveillance, the tension behind this capture is that the Emir already opened fire on the little girl days ago. They fear that the legends about Sana’s supernatural powers could endanger their control of the area.

Remi and Zeid are at the camp gate, they want to release her, a chase begins in the desert with the terrorists. During the chaos, Sana disappears again.

Remi will have to face different phenomena and encounters: a light beam that appears in the middle of the desert that links with Sana’s story, a group of lost children with miraculous powers, an old Bedouin who knows about the strangers coming from outer space…

The journey will bring Remy to the frontier of reality and profoundly disturb his convictions about life and death.


Bio do Autor


Chadi Abo, director & writer 

Born in Damascus / Syria, studied architecture and graduated before he moves to France to start a new path in ENSAD Paris. In 2001 he finished his first short animation film Blinks Of Exile, featured in many festivals. In the same year, he started a long career in VFX in BUF, worked on many international productions from Matrix Reloaded, 300, Alexandre.

In 2012 he founded his image creation studio (HECAT Studio). He dedicated his ten years of experience to Arabic Cinema and TV, where he played many different roles from a VFX producer to director.

Chadi is a genre film supporter; he wrote many genre films and TV shows. The Portal, a Sci-Fi feature that speaks about the war in Syria from a different angle, won a Special Mention in the Sitges 2019 Pitchbox. The Portal was also selected to BIFAN 2021 and won an award.

The year 2019 was also his first year as a co-producer with National Geographic and The Danish Documentary on The Cave, directed by Feras Fayyad. The same project was nominated for 4 Emmy Awards and won two of them, one for Exceptional Merit in production.

Chadi, also an Executive Producer on the horror film The Unkind, and a co-producer on the French modern fantasy film Nepas. Defending and growing Arabic Genre productions is a personal and devoted mission for Chadi; he thinks that our culture is fertile soil for a different storytelling experience.