Representante do Projeto: Louis Nero

País: Italy

Tagline: A dark unexpected future. Mila's inheritance is robbed by her aunt who slaves her. Mila abuses her power over nature to kill her, but kills several innocent people instead. She seeks help from the wise Marpa to heal her guilt and hopefully redeem. 


A post-apocalyptic world. Knowledge is reserved for men only. Nature overpowered technology.

Modern decaying buildings coexist with nuragic constructions. Here the 12-year-old Mila lives a serene and rural existence in her family home. She
lives with her parents and her little sister. Suddenly, everything shutters to pieces. Mila’s father is killed. Mila, her mother and her little sister are enslaved by her father’s cruel sibling, and robbed of every possession.

After years of suffering Mila is forced by her mother to leave home and take revenge against their relatives. Disguised as a man, she goes to Lama Yuguntun to master the power of natural forces. She eventually takes her revenge but many innocents die, too. Regretting having killed many people, Mila seeks out the mentor Marpa to help her redeem herself from her past evil actions. Marpa pushes her to the limit and forces her to constantly test herself. He finally manages to guide her towards awakening and abandoning revenge.


Bio do Autor

Louis Nero, director & co-author

Louis Nero is an Italian screenwriter and director, known for his films and numerous collaborations with internationally famous actors. Among them: F. Murray Abraham, Faye Dunaway, Kevin Spacey, Michael Madsen, Corin Redgrave, Geraldine Chaplin, Franco Nero, Christopher Lambert, Giorgio Albertazzi. In his projects he has also collaborated with internationally famous italian artists like Franco Zeffirelli and Tinto Brass.

His films have been distributed all over the world. He’s a permanent member of the jury of the most important italian film award: the David of Donatello. He’s represented by the UTA (United Talent Agency), one of the most important agencies in the United States.

Louis Nero is also president and founder of the production company "L'Altrofilm" since 1998. In his project he always concentrates on the research and the study of the historical period the story is set in. Louis Nero graduated in DAMS at the university of Turin.

At the moment Louis Nero alongside Nick Vallelonga, Academy Award Winner 2018 for the acclaimed film Green Book, is working on thriller procedural TV series, The Puppet Master.