Blood Route

Representante do Projeto: Jovan Todorovic

País: Serbia

Tagline: On the lawless border between Kosovo and Serbia, a young female soldier is forced to investigate a harrowing murder that is tearing up the local community - the one she just committed.


Iva, a twenty-five-year-old woman in an all-male unit of the Serbian militarized police. Her unit operates on the lawless border with Kosovo along the Balkan route. While on patrol Iva and her unit are in pursuit of a crime suspect trying to make his way across the border into Kosovo. Thinking he is armed Iva shoots and kills him. It turns out to be an unarmed 15- year-old Albanian boy. Her commander plants an unmarked pistol on the victim. Thanks to a network of corrupt officials the whole case is quickly covered up. The next day the local Albanian population start protesting and demand to know who the killer of the boy is. Riddled with guilt and troubled by the cover-up of the murder, Iva begins her own investigation into who the boy was and what he was running away from. She uncovers a cross-border criminal network in which her unit and commander also have a role. In return for a piece of the action, marked trucks carrying people and drugs are allowed to pass the border illegally and without inspection. At the core of the investigation is an accident, a truckload of dead underage girls, victims of sex trafficking who have suffocated before reaching their destination. The boy she killed was an innocent witness running to save his life. The local protests to find the killer grow into violent clashes with the authorities. The stability of the Balkan trafficking route is disturbed. The protesters, local criminals, EU criminal counterparts, and her own unit are all after her. Iva is left with no other choice but to fight back.


Bio do Autor


Jovan Todorovic, director & co-writer

Director, Co-writer Jovan is a Serbian American film director. His work explores the human condition promoting connectivity through empathy, and broadening our ideas of beauty and what it means to be human. Before finishing his MFA from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Serbia, he made his first feature The Belgrade Phantom which premiered at IDFA in Amsterdam, and won the FIPRESCI awards in Serbia for best film. His second feature length film Juvenile, a documentary set in a youth correctional facility in Serbia is set to premiere in 2022.

For commercial work Jovan is represented for by Anonymous Content. Often celebrated for its provocative nature and social impact, his films, music videos and commercial work has garnered recognition across the world winning multiple Cannes Lions, Clio, Ciclope, Shots, Lux, and other awards.