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Our call for music showcases for this 2023 edition of FEST — Music Walk With Me is now open and will close on the 1st of May 2023! It will take place from the 20th to the 25th of June 2023.

During 6 days, we will present a unique program, with all-night-long film and musical entertainment, as well as networking opportunities. The musical program of Music Walk With Me is unique due to its cinematic identity, presenting artists who connect to the two arts, film and music, either through the creation of soundtracks or by working in the two areas or even showing music projects who are looking for collaborators in the film scene.

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Music Walk With Me (MWWM) will showcase approximately 25 musical projects over 6 days in Espinho in a venue with a capacity of 1800 spectators per day.



The event will provide an incredible opportunity for networking between musicians and filmmakers. With a matchmaking platform, these professionals can connect and explore new interdisciplinary collaboration opportunities. Approximately 800 film industry professionals will be in attendance, seeking musicians for developing projects such as music videos and complementary content use.

In turn, musicians will have the opportunity to present their work to prominent film producers and directors, creating a channel for dialogue and partnership. The high networking capacity of this event will allow professionals to establish new connections, expand their network of contacts, and discover new opportunities for their careers.



The applications are to artists from all over the world, signed or unsigned artists. We accept all music genres.



You will need to provide the following information to apply to MWWM 2023:

  • Basic information;
  • Project description;
  • Technical raider;
  • Motivation to perform at MWWM and connect your music to the film and TV scene;
  • Link for music and performances.



The music festival team listens to and evaluates the performances based on their relevance to the music-cinema connection, originality, technical ability, and composition skill. The motivation to be a part of this cross-art project will also be taken into consideration.



All applications are free of charge!

Deadline: 1st of May, 2023


Showcases applications are only accepted when submitted via the following option:

  • Using our form which can be found here.

Fill in the above-mentioned form with all the information required and proceed with the respective payment. All materials must be in English.



We highly recommend reading the Rules and Regulations before submitting a project.

If you have any doubts please do not hesitate to contact us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.



The performances will take place from the 20th to the 25th June, 2023.

Each music showcase selected will be granted the following:

  • Each showcase will receive a contribution of 250,00€;
  • Each artist will receive a FEST PRO badge, which will grant access to the two parallel festivals, conferences, and networking activities.
  • Each showcase will also receive one accompanying FEST PRO badge (one per showcase, not per performer);
  • Each artist will have access to the Networking Dinners on the day of their performance.


Please note MWWM does not provide the backline for the artists or cover travel and accommodation expenses.