Filmmakers Corner

Located in the main festival venue, the Filmmakers’ Corner is a stage for all filmmakers, industry professionals and film students to showcase and promote their work to the festival audience, by simply booking a time slot in a dedicated screening space.

Over the past editions, this has proved to be a successful initiative, by hosting special screenings, student film showcases, work-in-progress presentations, product demonstration, spontaneous debates, amongst other things. As there is no pre-established format for the screening, filmmakers’ can showcase their work in any way that fits their goals - whether those are feedback, promotion, or seeking collaborations.

Organizing a screening in the Filmmakers’ Corner is also a way for testing different film promotion methods amongst a festival audience - we encourage filmmakers’ to be inventive in creating some intriguing word of mouth, or even special invitations, leaflets and posters.



Attending the Filmmakers’ Corner screenings is free. Booking a slot will be available only for FEST - Talent and FEST - Pro badge holders, who will be provided with the booking instruction after registering to the festival.