Luisa Marinho

Documentary & National Grand Prix Jury

She took a professional Audiovisual Communication course (at the Multimedia Institute) and, at university, studied Archaeology (course still to be finished).

She is a journalist since 2000. She worked in "O Comércio do Porto", in the Culture section, where she wrote regularly about cinema; in the online newspaper "Ciência Hoje" and in the magazine "Sábado". Currently, she works in the travel and leisure magazine "Evasões". She collaborates sporadically with other publications of the GlobalMedia group, such as JN, Notícias Magazine and Volta ao Mundo.

She collaborated in the publication "Duas Colunas", of the São João National Theater, and in editions of the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art. She was literary co-editor of the literature, music and visual arts magazine "aguasfurtadas", published by the Academic Journalism Center of Porto. She collaborated in the Oporto Iberian Expression Theatre Festival - FITEI as editorial coordinator.

Co-author, with Mário Moutinho, of the book "O Teatro Semiprofissional no Porto Arte, activism and experimentalism in the 70s and 80s", released in 2019.

Coordinated several film cycles in associations in the city of Porto.

She directed the documentary film "Poetically Exhausted, Vertically Alone - The Story of José Bação Leal", premiered in 2007, at DocLisboa Festival. Co-directed, with Luísa Sequeira, the documentary "O Que Podem as Palavras", premiered in 2022 at DocLisboa, a film that won the Audience Award.

In her documentary works, she is interested in researching how resistance has been made throughout history, in individual and collective terms, to authoritarian and repressive regimes, through friendship, the free exchange of ideas, mutual support and artistic manifestations.