National Grand Prix #04

25th of June

4:45 pm 

Auditorium Casino Espinho

agora frenesim | Laura Andrade | PRT | 19'

Vera feels invisible. One day, while she was working at the museum, two girls start a climate protest. Their bold actions inspire Vera, giving her the courage she needed to act and take her first step towards her emancipation.


Feios, Porcos e Maus Doc. | O Inglez | PRT | 18'

“Feios, Porcos e Maus” is a documentary that accompanies the scoundrel who walk casually through life, ignoring the traditions and labels that maintain the appearance of our society and its national values. “Feios” (The Ugly), who pompously exhibit their decadent appearance in the straight and clean streets of the city. “Porcos” (The Pigs), who accumulate layers of earth and dirt under their nails, with hands calloused by an arduous trade, proudly revealing signs of hard work with little return; “Maus” (The Bad), who don't accept the place that society offers them, who question, confronting established ideas - that they imply, that they are weird or eccentric. This scoundrel destined for unhappiness and marginality. “C’Est la Canaille, et bien j’en suis”. Well, it's me.


Das duas uma | Bernardo Gomes de Almeida | PRT | 12'

Alice and Diana's world is perfect within four walls. The problem is when reality forces them to face the problems of their relationship and sexuality.


Sombras da primavera | Patrícia Nogueira Fernandes | PRT | 17'

In the shadows of fear and the subconscious, a girl is reborn in nature while searching for freedom. On a tree stripped of identity blooms a portrait of a life of lost memories. Piece by piece, the path is trodden and answers are found.