National Grand Prix #03

25th of June

2:30 pm

Auditorium Casino Espinho

Só Nós Dois
 | Carolina Aguiar | PRT | 20'

In a small apartment in Lisbon a young girl is trying to get her life together, while dealing with the pressure of living up to her parents' expectations.


Monte Clérigo | Luis Campos | PRT | 27'

A teenager does forced summer work on a forest watchtower, indifferent to the immigrant workers in the surrounding greenhouses. While searching for his lost watch, he ends up finding himself in the side of the invisible ones.


As feras | Paulo André Ferreira | PRT | 11'

In the middle of an Lisbon neighborhood three woman have to stick together. Mafalda is the mother of Leonor a young women that wants a world of equality. During their lunch Rita comes over to ask for Mafalda’s help, she is running from her husband João.


15' | Francisco Neves | PRT | 15'

In an increasingly virtual world, what are three rappers and a fan doing barricaded in a clothing store? If Andy Warhol were alive, he would say they are looking for their 15 minutes of fame — but what would we say?


The Ash Heap | Thaís DeMelo | PRT | 5'

Represented through a surrealist ballet, the film captures the gradual decay of a sculpture, showcasing the sublime beauty of the transfiguration that emerges from the process linked to the nature of existence.