National Grand Prix #02

24th of June

5:00 pm 

Auditorium Casino Espinho

Sagrada Família | Diogo S. Figueira | PRT | 22'

A rift with the Catholic Church forces a nun to return to an idea of family where the chasm between dogma and faith will lead to an irreversible decision.


CURA #1 | Joana Peralta | PRT | 14'

Setting off from a study of Women in the modern world, CURE #1 is exactly it, a regeneration of the concept of what it means to be the fountain of life, a magic being that generates people and shifts humor according to lunar positions.


Aclarar | Isabel Medeiros | PRT | 12'

The fungi that grew on the physical archive of the eruption of the Capelinhos Volcano (1957, Faial Island) deteriorated the images, transforming them, in the same way that time altered the way those who lived through the eruption remember it. Based on my grandparents' forgetfulness and memories, I make a photo-film that focuses on memory and its faults, proposing the idea of forgetting as a fungus.


Mask of Malcolm | Francisco Lobo | PRT | 11'

After years of internet-based solitude, Malcolm decides to take a swing at dating in the real world. What his date doesn't know is that he may be armed.


Postais do Oceano Atlântico | Henrique Brazão | PRT | 15'

The city of Funchal through the eyes of a young filmmaker.


Fantasma | Vasco Viana, Siddesh Shetty | PRT/CZE |9'

A lonely ghost drifts through her last living moments with her son before passing on.