National Grand Prix #01

24th of June

2:30 pm 

Auditorium Casino Espinho

| Marcela Jacobina | PRT | 11'

@nobody is a young girl who cams on social media through the avatar of an anime doll. But the girl underneath the colorful costumes is scared to leave her apartment and unable to maintain meaningful relationships. Struggling to connect with her distant mother and open up to her dearest client, she must choose an identity.


Flor de Laranjeira | Rúben Sevivas | PRT | 17'

Through a grandson's eyes (the director), “Flor de Laranjeira” (Orange Blossom) tells the story of a woman who, ruled by her integrity and pride, chooses to raise her daughter alone in the heart of the Portuguese countryside of the 1950s.


Aplauso | Guilherme Daniel | PRT | 13'

A message of praise to the President concludes a Party assembly, sparking apotheotic applause. In the middle of the crowd inquisitive eyes of the State Police look for the slightest sign of dissent, and the ovation does not cease.


O Abafador | Silvana Torricella | PRT | 13'

Vicente is an “abafador”, a smotherer who travels around with the mission of ending the suffering of those who are terminally ill and dying. Tired of living like a criminal, he does one last service but is caught red-handed by a woman. Olívia tries to hire Vicente to put an end to her father’s suffering, but Vicente refuses. Desperate, she threatens to report him.


Morte em Agosto | Bruno Abib | PRT | 17'

The accidental death of a friend haunts the youth in the hood. While Abel and his friends engage in conflicts with the police, Pedro and Rafaela spend the summer absorbed in a virtual world. Between rebellion and alienation, can anyone escape the violence that surrounds them?


As Horas | Marta Reis Andrade, Marta Sousa Ribeiro | PRT | 4'

The character in red is contained in a web of repeated and interlocking actions of her routine. However, the yearn to free herself from automatisms and frustrations grows stronger and louder. From the inside to the outside, from the mechanical to the spontaneous, one character becomes several. They explore the possibilities of doing without thinking.


Je Ne Suis Pas Une Star de Cinéma | Hugo De Sousa | USA, PRT | 6'

An actor auditions for an undisclosed film project.


Corpo e paisagem | Raquel Medeiros | PRT | 11'

“Corpo e Paisagem" (Body and Landscape) is the exploration of the world of a dancer, who finds in her body the best way to experience the world. Above all, the short film alludes to the cycle of life, where there is a beginning, a middle and an indication of the end. The construction of the film's visual and sound landscape is developed from two narratives, which communicate simultaneously. One that starts with the dancer, who uses dance as the main means of expression and that follows a chronologically organized direction in the narrative and another that starts from visual plans based on nature, without obeying a temporal logic, and that refer to the story by Hans Christian Anderson.