FESTinha Sub 10 #04

23rd of June

10:30 am 

Auditorium Casino Espinho


The squirrel mother is busy gathering nuts, so she doesn’t have any time to look after her kids.


The Rythm of Water | Andréa Alaux, Arthur Besrest, Marine Carnet, Catherine Carre, Victor Dufour, Liza Hof-Lopez, Baptiste Kremer, Lauriane Micas | FRA | 5'

A young music-loving beaver tries to find his place within the group through music.


ROALD | Clara Bigache, Laurent Chavalle, Julie Chene, Thibault Chopinet, Armand Gaucheron, Alexis Lheureux, Maxime Prone | FRA | 6'

A birthday party escalate when an toad who perceives life in a cute and colorful way meets a paranoiac fly.


Catch | Tzu-Yi Yang | TWN | 5'

In order to keep friends who can't catch fish from starving, the cat living in the port decided to break the routine and go fishing with its friend at the port. The cat's fishing skills took a fancy to an old fisherman. He invited both cat and rat to go fishing together and started a three-person sailing adventure.


Foxtale | Alexandra Allen | PRT | 6'

A hungry fox fights for the last berry at the top of the tree.


SWING | Ignasi Tarruella | ESP | 5'

In a world of toys, a wooden robot feels lonely. Suddenly another robot appears but he or she doesn't want anything to do with him. He has to find out the way to establish a relationship.


Boom | Gabriel Augerai, Romain Augier, Laurie Pereira De Figueiredo, Yannick Jacquin, Charles Di Cicco | FRA | 6'

A couple of dumb birds tries its best to protect its eggs from a volcano eruption.


Prinzessin Aubergine | Dina Velikovskaya | DEU | 8'

A king and a queen have almost everything: love, pets and a flourishing garden, but something is missing. Where is the princess?


Clean Aid | Valentin Dittlmann, Hannes Werner, Felix Zachau | DEU | 4'

A garbage-collecting robot whizzes through the streets. It is controlled by an elderly lady who, during her dreary work, is reminded of her youthful lightness by a surprising encounter.


Hush Hush little bear | Mara Linina | LVA | 5'

While the bear parents are away looking for berries and honey, the baby bears stay at home with the sheep. The bear cubs have a good time playing merrily with a ball of yarn, but soon enough the cubs find themselves all tangled up and everything is turned upside down! Luckily the sheep help them put everything in order again. The film is based on the traditional Latvian lullaby “Hush Hush Little Bear” (‘Aijā, žūžū, lāča bērni’)