Golden Lynx - Fiction - Disco Boy

22nd of June

9:30 pm 

Auditorium Centro Multimeios

Disco Boy | Giacomo Abbruzzese | FRA, ITA, BEL, POL | 96'

After a long and difficult journey through Europe, Aleksei arrives in Paris to join the Foreign Legion. Looking for a new life, he is ready for anything in order to obtain the promised passport. On the Niger River Delta, Jomo fights oil multinationals that threaten life in his village. While he is at the head of an armed group, one day he kidnaps French citizens. To intervene is a command of the Foreign Legion, led by Aleksei. The meeting between the two will have unexpected implications. Aleksei and Jomo’s destinies will overlap, continuing beyond borders, bodies, life and death. Giacomo Abbruzzese’s electrifying and provocative debut feature is one of the year’s most talked about films, with its blend of politics and psychedelic ambience enchanting and confusing (in the best way possible) audiences across the world since its premiere at this year’s Berlinale, where the film won the Silver Bear Award for Outstanding Artistic Contribution. The film counts with an unforgettable original soundtrack by dance act Vitalic; extraordinary cinematography by one of the most talented “lens” in the business, Hélène Louvart (“Never rarely sometimes always”; “Happy as Lazaro”); and an impressive Production Design work by Esther Mysius (“Ava”; “The Five Devils).