FESTinha Sub 10 #03

22nd of June

10:30 am 

Auditorium Casino Espinho

| Julia Ocker | DEU | 4'

Sadly, the T-Rex is very bad at playing basketball.


Lazy Bloom
| Robin Artero, Aurore Devichi, Juliette Gueydan, Manon Jumel, Elsa Mandelsaft, Benjamin Mourgues, Sophie Nippert, Elodie Tardif | FRA | 6'

In a small peaceful world, lives a people of lazy creatures called the Blobs. One day their calm is broken by the birth of Zip, a hyperactive blob. He will try to be accepted despite his differences.


| Leonis Levy, Laura Al Bayati, Morgane Michel, Sara Briand, Sélène Bentz, Alice Hobadam, Fanny Martin | FRA | 5'

A little bear feeling lonely in a forest, communicates with the Ursa Major's constellation. When suddenly a star falls from the constellation, he decides to bring it back to her.


Jules & Juliette
| Chantal Peten | BEL | 7'

It's a beautiful summer day, Jules & Juliette are going to the beach. They are carrying on their heads the dinghy with which they intend to sail. It's already quite a deal! Of course, Jules is clumsy and doesn't fail to play the fool. The beach is deserted. It's a bright day for the two friends, full of laughter and connivance.


| Ciara Borgards | DEU | 3'

A metal ballerina is standing on a turning platform supported by a frame inside a music box. But suddenly her support breaks, her music box closes and the ballerina finds herself in a strange world. The film shows how a misfortune can be the necessary force to transform our lives for the better.


| Sonja Rohleder | DEU | 3'

The sun sets and the eyes are closing. Rocking from one green leaf to the next, the little monkey glides gently to sleep. But what happens next? Suddenly the world of dreams gets darker, more colorful and wild. Mysterious plants, creatures and shapes line the trajectory through the night. Somni is a cinematic lullaby.


Il Formaggio
| Claudio Giusti | ITA | 11'

Two little mice discover the beauty of the moon that reminds them of their favorite food: a wheel of cheese. The short film is an original Opera, made specifically for this animation.


The Hedgehog
| Daniela Hýbnerová | CZE | 2'

Can the hedgehog swim?


| Sandra Marić | BIH | 4'

"Rainboy" and his raining cloud annoy passers-by from the very beginning of the story - nobody wants to be wet.He starts a journey and finds his purpose - he and his cloud will travel and do good. Unselfishly giving help to others has its price - his cloud dries out.Fortunately, he meets a girl with a similar cloud and when he shows her how to do good, a rainbow-like bond emerges, and his power to do good returns.


The turnip
| Piret Sigus and Silja Saarepuu | EST | 7'

The film's story is based on the Slavic folktale, which has been told for ages by the peasants’ point of view. The film shows over-exploited story from underground angle - showing what really happened while peasants were engaged in the cultivation of vegetables. Also, about property, collaboration, and betrayal.


| Natalia Chernysheva | FRA/RUS | 4'

A sunflower like no other chooses to take a new look at his environment, he will discover a totally different universe...