FESTinha Sub 10 #01

20th of June

10:30 am

Auditorium Casino Espinho

ANIMANIMALS TIGER | Julia Ocker | DEU | 4'

The tiger is supposed to perform a daring circus trick but he’s too scared to go through with it.


PLUM | Luana Bertelli, Angèle Lopez, NicolasDelabeye, Balkis Hadra, Nolan Michel | FRA | 5'

When Plum hatches from his egg, the little dinosaur is not ready for the universe in which he was born. Carefree and mischievous, he roams around, watched by a dragonfly. However, his innocence is shattered when he makes a terrible discovery about his world…


Sister | Kasia K. Pieróg | POL | 12'

The two Sisters travel across the Realm of Clouds, looking for the Big Tree. Their way will be full of setbacks, self-sacrifices, sadness, and yet filled with joy. Across their eventful journey, while getting closer to their destination, they will become closer to themselves as well. The film pictures a multidimensional dynamic and growth of an emotional bond within a sisterhood's relationship.


Papirola| Fabián Molinaro | ESP | 7'

On a lovely autumn morning, Nico, an 8-year-old energetic boy who has the ability to fold all objects as if they were made of paper, happily collects all the things he loves about his house while preparing himself for a life-changing voyage.


Sound of Light| Julia De Araujo, Coline Fagot, Marine Hubo, Laura Lucinus, Remer Alice, Renaud Lisa, Mangeot Chloé | FRA | 6'

It's Mardi Gras in 70s New Orleans. James, a 13 years old saxophonist is playing music in his new room. Through music and with the help of a friendly spirit, he will discover the city he just moved in to. Will he manage to overcome his fear of the unknown?


The Social Chameleon | Alex Ross | USA | 10'

Cosmo the chameleon doesn't fit in with the other animals. No matter how hard he tries, he just can't seem to find his place in the jungle. Then, everything changes when he meets another chameleon who shows him how to live by his own true colors!


The Orange Gecko | Jorge Duarte | PRT | 4'

This is the story of an orange gecko. Although not very different, this gecko was excluded by its kind because of its color. Abandoned on a stormy night, the gecko finds shelter in a strange frog, in which he forms an unlikely friendship.


Franzy's Soup Kitchen | Ana Chubinidze | GEO/FRA| 9'

Lonely alien Chef Franzy discovers that her special pink soup is not just delicious, but also magical, when she shares it with starving creatures living on a strange planet.