FESTinha Sub 12

19th of June

2:30 pm

Auditorium Casino Espinho

Gregor Mendel and the mystery of peas
| David Súkup | CZE | 3'

As a little boy, Johann asked many questions and spent his whole life searching for answers. In their short animated film made for the Brno Observatory and Planetarium, Vendula Chalánková and Ján Obyšovský follow the life story of the modest scientist from Hynčice.

Mom is always right
| Marie Urbánková | CZE | 8'

Mirek has a huge belly and nobody knows why. Diets and strenuous exercise don't help. His big belly causes many complications. The simple act of putting on socks turns into a hellish mission. We follow the stories of several heroes, each with unusual troubles. Where do they stem from?


The Spyglass
| Malin Erixon | SWE | 9'

Ten-year-old Eden feels forgotten and invisible to her parents, who often quarrel or are busy with other things. To escape the boredom and loneliness, Eden has created a secret escape in the garden, where she lies on a blanket and eats cookies. One day something very peculiar happens. Eden has constructed a spyglass, using two empty toilet paper rolls, which she soon understands is magical.


The Queen of the Foxes | Marina Rosset | CHE | 9'

In the hopes of seeing their queen smile again, a group of foxes rummage through the city's trash, searching for all the love letters that were never sent.


Operation Siblings | Aurora Kollerud Nossen | NOR | 9'

When Luna and Julie’s parents decide to divorce, they are told that they are no longer step-siblings. Together with the neighboring kids, Luna and Julie go to war against their parents in order to change their minds and let them remain a family.


Darb'oħra (Another time) | Sarah Zammit | MLT | 14'

Ben, a young boy with a keen and curious mind, stumbles upon a charming little toyshop in the heart of a Maltese village. Intrigued by its potential mysteries, he wanders in. Among the mechanical treasures and skilled woodwork lying inside, Ben’s attention lingers on a mysterious hidden object on one of the shelves. Overwhelmed by his curiosity, he discovers something he could never have imagined, that will take him on a journey into the captivating mysteries of Time and Space.


Blue Wall | Wan-Yu Chung, Yu-Cheng Tu, Li-Lin Chen | TWN | 10'

This story is about an upside-down boy living with his father. Because of his different gravity, the father is afraid that the boy will fly away when he leaves the house; therefore, the boy is forbidden to go out. Instead of compromise, the boy reads lots of books to imagine and learn about the world outside.


A Cookie's Adventure | Jérémie Amicone, Alexis Bleusez, Iléana Borzan, Myriam Lecomte, Margot Lemasçon, Zoé Rivera, Romain Tersigni, Camille Triponney | FRA | 7'

Dimitri, a cookie knight, and his faithful friend Pépite are heading to the cookie King's castle. He gives them a very important mission: bring back the Princess's heart and win her hand. Their adventures across strange, sugary lands will be dangerous and scrumptious.


Misophonia Orchestra | Daniela Hýbnerová | CZE | 6'

Noises coming from neighbouring flats take shape of their creators and break into the flat of a young lady, who is driven mad by this horrorful sound orchestra and so she has to learn how to live with her problem.