FEST Film Educators Meetup

22 JUN // 15:30 // Room 2 - Centro Multimeios Espinho

FEST Film Educators Meetup Program
"Education for Change" Host: Professor Chris Nunn | Mats Dahlman, Luís Miranda, Marina Hughes and Nicola Hens;
Showcase of opportunities for Film Schools – Canon and Sound Particles






22 JUN // 15:30 // Room 2 - Multimeios

"Education for Change" - Moderator: Professor Chris Nunn 

Mats Dahlman, Luís Miranda, Marina Hughes and more TBC

“Change is the essential process of all existence. You must challenge your preconceptions or they, most certainly, will challenge you.”

– Sarek of Vulcan (Spock’s Dad)

The film and television industries have seen a lot of change in recent years. Changes in production methods, working practices and the increased desire for a better work/life balance. Conversely, now more than ever, it seems that film and television play pivotal roles in advocating for change in a world where hope can sometimes feel a distant prospect. What is the role then, of film educators in these tumultuous times? How do we support our students in understanding both the changing nature of the film and television industries, the need to adapt, as well as the importance of filmmakers as advocates for social and political change, the need for others to adapt. Join us for this years educators meet-up and hear from a range of educators how they, and their institutions, are at the forefront of some of these issues today.


Chris Nunn is the former Festival Director of Screentest: The UK’s National Student Film Festival, and has been championing aspiring filmmaking talent for nearly a decade. Passionate about filmmaking education, he has recently completed his PhD entitled Towards a New Film Pedagogy: Recrafting Undergraduate Filmmaking Education for an Expanded Field (2019) and plans to continue and broaden research in this area. In 2021 Chris became co- convenor of ‘Film/making Pedagogy’ a new ‘Special Interest Group’ as part of the British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies (BAFTSS). He is also currently Associate Editor of the Film Education Journal.

22 JUN // 17:30 // Room 2 - Multimeios

Showcase of opportunities for Film Schools – Canon and Sound Particles

This session will include new opportunities for film schools such as free educational access software and others

22 JUN // 18:30 // Room 2 - Multimeios

Networking drinks

Networking with peers over a drink in an informal setting


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