On acting: crafting and capturing humanity on screen

Auditorium Center Multimeios de Espinho
18:00 - 20:00
Nuno Lopes

In this masterclass, which will be shaped by the questions asked by both the audience and moderator, Nuno Lopes will share his insights on the craft of acting. 
He will share his experience and techniques on how to create a believable character and bring it to life on screen. Nuno will dive into various aspects of acting, including the different relationships with other actors, crew and director. Apart from his vast curriculum in film, television and theatre - which has earned him numerous accolades - Nuno has a unique experience, which includes developing projects in partnership with directors in early stages of the creative process, as well as directing (and acting opposite) non-actors. He will provide valuable insights for actors, directors, and producers, helping them to elevate their craft and bring their projects to life.