Public Film Funding at a Crossroads II: where we are, where we are going?

Auditorium Center Multimeios de Espinhp
18:00 - 20:00
Tomas Eskilsson

In this masterclass, Tomas Eskilsson will use the results of Public Film Funding at a Crossroads II to discuss the future relevance and purpose for public film, audiovisual policies and practices, as well as how the industry should coexist in the transformed ecosystem mid-to long term, and where will the industry see the content in the future. Topics will include reflections on themes such as:

- the problem with lack of coherence in audiovisual policies across Europe - if and how to solve - i.e. 'the incentive war';

- how public policies and funding relates to the use of AI in the sector;

- central definitions (independent producer, independent content) - how can Europe unite?;

- what does the dominating position in many European countries of production company conglomerates mean for independent production and for film agencies;

- what does the paradigm shift mean in reality;

- distributors and movie theaters: cinema attendance is still lower than pre-pandemic - how should the industry and Europe deal with this?;

- conclusions for policies, film agence is practices and for the sector.

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