The Art of Human Connection: Lone Scherfig's Cinematic Journey

Auditorium Center Multimeios de Espinho
18:00 - 20:00
Lone Scherfig

Join acclaimed film director Lone Scherfig for a session that delves into her unique approach to storytelling and the art of human connection. Drawing from her extensive body of work, including critically acclaimed films such as "Italian for Beginners," "An Education," and "Their Finest," Scherfig will discuss her creative process, the importance of character-driven narratives, and her passion for capturing the complexities of human relationships on screen. Throughout the masterclass, attendees will have insights into Scherfig's experiences working in both European and international cinema, her approach to directing actors, and the challenges and rewards of working within different genres and cultural contexts. A rare opportunity to learn from one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary filmmaking, and to gain valuable knowledge and inspiration that can be applied to your own cinematic journey.