Case Study “Scales” with Shahad Ameen

Schedule: June 27th at 10H00

Location: Junta de Freguesia de Espinho

Lecturer: Sahad Ameen | Director | Saudi Arabian


The case study of “Scales” is an interesting outlook on how Saudi Arabian woman Shahad Ameen developed her film, from a country with little tradition in cinema, and being able to direct her first feature film in a means with a highly unbalanced gender ratio.

The only source of the food on the island is mermaid flesh. The only way to keep the food supply going is to sacrifice baby girls to the sea. After being saved by her father as an infant from being given to the mermaids, 13-year-old Hayat faces the prospect of being sacrificed again, because island customs dictate that the presence of her new-born brother makes her obsolete. Hayat must choose between accepting her fate to become a mermaid or fighting for the body she inhabits.