Industry Meetings

FEST - Industry Meetings provide an important platform for one-on-one meetings between attending industry professionals: filmmakers, producers, financiers, distributors, representatives of film institutions, guest speakers, and more.

For the 16th edition of FEST, in view of the current reality, and with the safety and health of our participants and guests being our top priority, the Industry Meetings were postponed to next year since we considered that the necessary conditions for the usual and ideal functioning were not met.


Such a platform enables a productive conversation where seeds for true collaborations are planted, whether it be seeking advice, discussing specific projects or ideas, or cultivating long-lasting mentorship and partnerships.

Last year, guests that were available for Industry Meetings by booking a time slot were Nancy Bishop, Peter Barnett, Carey Duffy, Susana Costa Pereira, Chris Simon, Tim Corrie, Gareth Willey, Jonathan Morris, Scandar Copti, Stuart Dryburgh, Eddy Joseph, Manuel Claro, Clifford De Spenser, Steve Cash, Baltasar Kormarkur.



Not applicable for 2020

FEST - Industry Meetings access is limited to FEST PRO badge holders.