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Week #4 - We bring film to you

In this last week of our film campaign, we bring you yet again 5 great movies that we think are worth watching this quarantine.

Monday - Everything will be okay

"Everything will be okay" is a short film from Patrick Vollrath, that was screened at FEST in 2015 in the shorts film competition.

A divorced father picks up his eight-year-old daughter Lea. It seems pretty much like every second weekend, but after a while, Lea can’t help feeling something isn't right. So begins a faithful moment.

So make sure to watch it at


Tuesday - Patrioska

This short is brought to you by Tiago Araújo a Portuguese filmmaker, that participated at FEST in 2017's edition in the Animated Shorts section.

Five deities of power gather in an Underground Secret Society to discuss major themes about world domination and the status quo. Mr. Visionarius has machiavellian prospects for the future of mankind but is warned by Angel Auditivus about the spiritual awakening present in some avenues of Western Society.

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Wednesday - A cat's consciousness 

"A cat’s consciousness" is an amazing short that participated at FEST in 2018 in the animated shorts section. This movie came from the imagination and talent of Andrea Guizar a young Mexican filmmaker.

Film essay, mockumentary about a cat´s consciousness or its simulacrum.

Se it at


Thursday - Fox

"Fox" participated in the section Flavours of The World at the 2017 FEST edition, that year focused on Greece. This short is a work of young filmmaker Jacqueline Lentzou.

Stephanos is a boy just like any other working out. He just doesn’t know though, that he soon will be carrying the burden of a man.

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Friday - Comments

Jannis Alexander Kiefer is a young German film director that had his short film "Comments" present at FEST 2018, competing in the experimental shorts section. 

This movie gives us a look at the digital german legacy about our society in 4 sections.

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