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Week #3 - We bring film to you

It was week #3 of this movie marathon, so this is the list of what we choose for you this week:

Monday - Excuse Me, I'm Looking For the Pin-Pong Room and My Girlfriend

"Excuse Me, I’m Looking For the Ping-Pong Room and My Girlfriend" is a Bernhard Wenger movie that comes to us from Sweden and won Vimeo Staff Pick after competing at FEST in 2018.

This is a film about a couple on a wellness trip and when one of them disappears the other one is not sure if he is looking for her or for himself. In this bizarre world of a resort in the Alps, Aron decides to start a new chapter in his life.

Watch it at:


Tuesday - I Was a Winner

In a time where social distancing never hit so close to home, we thought it was the perfect time for distracting you with video games. "I Was a Winner" is a film by Jonas Odell, about video games and its implications.
It competed at FEST in 2018 in the section Flavors of the World, which was dedicated to Sweden that year.

This documentary is about how addicting video games can be.
In the movie, we hear 3 stories about 3 players and their addiction told by their avatars games.

You should definitely watch this movie, so go see it at:


Wednesday - Fish Story

This short comes to you from the hands and eyes of Charlie Lyne, a 28-year-old filmmaker, born in the UK, and it was screened at FEST on the Beach Cinema section in 2018. We recovered this story, so you could enjoy.

Somewhere in the mid-80s, Casper Salmon's grandmother was invited for a meeting in the Galesa island Anglesey, a gathering that was exclusive for people with fish surnames. At least that's what he says… Thirty years later Charlie Lyne tries to separate the myth from reality, trying to discover the true story.

So make sure to watch it at:


Thursday - Manoman

"Manoman" comes to you by the hands and lenses of Simon Cartwright, straight from the United Kingdom, after competing for the Silver Linx at FEST in 2016.
Using a mix of animation and marionettes, this dark comedy of Simon Cartwright tells the story of Glen, a man that attends a therapy class of Primary screams, that made him free himself of something with no limits.

Make sure to watch it at:


Friday - Pussy

Renata Gasiorowska is a bold young director that shocked everyone when she presented “Pussy” to her teachers. This movie was in FEST in the non-competitive section in 2017.

It’s a short that carries a lot of vitality in today’s climate of gender and sexuality discussion, and one which embraces desires, instincts and, above all else, liberation.

Go watch it at: