New Directors | New Films
Warm up

FEST is as usual happening in Espinho, but not before making a quick stop in Oporto.

On the 2th and 3th of June FEST WARM UP PORTO will take a luxurious line-up to many spots in the city, with short film sessions, cinema conversations and even a masterclass about movie distribution.

Access to any of the sessions is free 

June 2nd


13h – “Bring your own lunch” Session | UPTEC PINC

Like the name indicates in this session the spectators are invited to bring their own snacks. To improve lunch-time, FEST presents a selection of 5 short-films of a variety of genres:


“En Parmiddag” from Anton Brandt Thykier (Denmark - 27'57min)
“Lux” from Bernardo Lopes, Inês Malveiro (Portugal - 10:36min)
“Passenger” from Andreas Kessler, Stephan Kaempf & Daniela Schramm Moura (Germany - 7'30min)
“A Whole in my Heart” from Mees Peijnenburg (Netherlands -9min)
“Larp” from Kordian Kadziela (Poland - 27min)


15h30 – “Matiné” Session | Cinema Trindade

Bringing back the Matiné tradition, Fest takes to Trindade 6 Portuguese short-films that reflect about tradition, in various formats: fiction, documentary and animation.


“Não são favas, são feijocas” from Tânia Dinis / Jorge Quintela  (Portugal - 10min)
“Borda D'Água” from João Viegas e Miguel Canaverde (Portugal - 18min)
“Terra” from Pedro Lino (Portugal - 14min)
“Para Lá do Marão” from José M. Fernandes  (Portugal - 7min)
“Pronto, Era Assim” from Joana Nogueira and Patrícia Rodrigues (Portugal - 12min58s)
“Temperar  gosto” from Susana Neves (Portugal - 10min)


19h – “Film Distribuition” Masterclass with Filipe Pereira | Reitoria da U. Porto

In this Masterclass, Filipe Pereira, the director of FEST - New Directors | New Films Festival will explore the many reasons for why is completely essential for young professionals in the world of audio-visual to participate in big cinema events.

It will be addressed various alternatives and essential concepts that have to be taken in consideration in the moment of defining a distribution strategy of contents through an international festival circuit;

It will be presented a general vision of the international and national festival circuit, advice on how get your work selection; networking techniques and the presence in large scale events

The Master Class ends with a study case about FEST, that in its majority is organize as an introduction to this world not only incorporating exhibitions and competitions, but it also includes many training activities, a direct contact with the international film industry and financing forums. This Master Class has the duration of about one hour and half. 22h – Sessão ao Ar Livre | Reitoria da U. Porto


22h – Outdoor Session | Reitoria da U. Porto

Outdoor, in one of the busiest squares in the city centre, nothing goes as well as a good coffee after dinner, than a movie or two. Or five! Between thrillers, documentaries about unusual artist, Gaining weight in a healthy way and in the name of love, the madness is on the spotlight, in a session that will leave no one indifferent.

“Empire” from Kristof Hoornaert (Belgium - 14min)
“Considerações sobre fumaça e musgo” from Artur Miranda (Brazil - 10min)
“Lobo” from Thiago Busse (Brazil - 23mins)
“Cracks” from Koen van Sande (Belgium - 9min)
“Getting Fat in a Healthy Way” from Kevork Aslanyan (Bulgaria - 22min)


3th of June

15h – Kids Session | Reitoria da U. Porto

FEST takes the younger audience to Reitoria da Universidade do Porto, for a session so original as their imaginations. In the world where everything is possible, 7 short-films appear, with nice grandmas,   and a retrospective (a mini one, just like the size of the audience!) of the animation work from director Pedro Lino.


“Cágado” from Pedro Lino (Portugal - 10min)
“Afonso Henriques” from Pedro Lino (Portugal - 6min)
“Menina Gorda” from Pedro Lino (Portugal - 2min)
“Loopi Gugo” from João Sousa (Portugal - 4min)
“Tea Time” from Thomas Bourret (France - 7min)
“Fres Boi” from Cristina Vilches e Paloma Canonica (Spain - 8min)
“catch it” from Coline Moire (France - 8min)

19h – Session and Convertation | FNAC Sta. Catarina 

Exhibition of "Pronto, era assim", an animated documentary, executed in stop motion and complemented with 2D animations, from the directors Patrícia Rodrigues and Joana Nogueira. Who will attend the session and explain the whole process of making the movie and answer audience questions. A short-film that presents the life story of six older people, four ladies and a couple, that under the shape of interviews give voice to objects that take apart on this documentary, sharing their life stories in fragmented moments that fluctuate between the past, present and future.

20h55 – Train Movie Session | Urbano Porto-Aveiro

Cinema is picture in movement and in this session it will also be seen in movement. Confused? Not the ones who will travel between São Bento and Aveiro or on any other stations between the two. With a line-up of about 10 short-films, FEST cheers Porto’s urban trains, on Aveiro’s line, which also gives access to Espinho: FEST city.