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FEST Warm Up is back with the promise to heat up Porto and Espinho

FEST - New Directors | New Films Festival is close to putting out the candles for its 15th birthday. With many surprises and announcements for the next few weeks, we start by revealing the program for FEST - Warm Up, that is back once more to heat up Porto’s downtown and the city of Espinho.

Warm Up Porto will take part in the Reitoria of the University of Porto, on two different weekends. The program begins on the 25th of May, at 4 pm, with a session that FEST dedicates to children. Following that, at 9:30 pm, some short films that have already been a part if FEST’s 15 years of story, will be screened.

The next Friday, 31st of May, the party continues. At 6 pm the Reitoria building will fill up, ready to receive a Masterclass about “The importance of Film Festivals in the cinematic industry”, presented by FEST’s Director of Programming, Fernando Vasquez with the aim to alert young filmmakers for the urgency of their presence in Film Festivals all around the world. At 9:30 pm, “A Tribo” (2017), a feature film by Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy, will be showcased in the Reitoria, followed by a debate.

Arriving for the first time to the city that houses our Festival, in Espinho the warm-up celebration will take place at the FESTival Village, with FEST right about to knock on the door.
On the 21st and 22nd of June, around 9:30 pm, we have a date, facing the Atlantic Ocean, for the exhibition of the feature films “
Relatos Selvagens” (2014) by Damián Szifrón and “A Floresta das Almas Perdidas” (2017) by José Pedro Lopes.



Warm U Porto

25th of May | 16:00 – FEST for children
25th of May | 21:30 - Screening of a selection of shirt-films
31st of May | 18:00 – Masterclass at Universidade do Porto’s Reitoria
31st of May  | 21:30 – Screening of the feature film “A Tribo” + Debate

Warm Up Espinho

21st of June | 21h30 - “Relatos Selvagens”
22nd of June |  21h30 - “Floresta das Almas Perdidas”