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The Mars Generation

10h30 | Cinema Casino

"The Mars Generation" relaunches our attention into one of the world's most ancient dreams: the ability to set foot in Mars. Following the group teenagers that is being trained to be the first ever to set foot on the Red Planet, this documentary not only gives us a good insight about some of the top leading technology, from its roots until today, as well as discusses some of the most recent failed missions, without losing it's capacity make us thing (or should we say dream) about the conquers that humanity is aiming for. Entertaining and incisive, "The Mars Generation" is great at chronicling humanity's history of space travel, the drive and curiosity that leads us towards it, along the ever growing prospect, and possibly eventual necessity, of colonizing the red planet.

Text by Maria João



14h00 / 19h00 | Spatium Room (Centro Multimeios)

Usually described as an avant-garde science(-fiction) documentary, Photon is somewhat of a dystopian approach into what the future could be. Ranging from the most wide spread theories about human and nature evolution to the most unexpected ideas about tomorrow, and wrapping it with up under a beautiful collection of images glued together with generous dosages of experimentalism and video effects. If we like to insist on the idea that, this year's program talks about frontiers, Photon may be it's most purest proof, cruising amongst different cinema genres and perceptions of reality. It will be, for sure, one of the most impressive and extreme experience on this year's program.

Text by Patrícia Tavares


Grande Prémio Nacional

21h00 | Auditorium (Centro Multimeios)

Animation is a fertile terrain for imagination, the main characteristic that we can use to test the limits and frontiers of our world. Creativity, vision and experimentation are the main three qualities that come to my mind when I look at this year's short animation selection. In today's session you will be able to see different animation languages and techniques from the most computerized one to those who mix the organicity of the pencil with BD storyboarding. Difficult will be to choose a favorite, but let's pin out three that introduce us to this variety. A Cat's Consciousness, a 8-bit mokumentary about the cat's conscious. Pencil animation and a BD inspired storytelling transform Space Dog into an interesting animation about the life in a planet ruled by dogs.  Mermaids an Rhinos uses the imagination of a 7 year old to tell us the story of a family travelling between reality and fiction.

Text by Maria Sá


Articles from Leuk Jornal | Edition 3 | 22 - 23 JUN 2018