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Team advice for a great FEST week

We are less than a month away from FEST, so we understand that the concerns with the trip may start to rise. So, to guarantee that you don’t forget anything essencial and that your experience at the festival is the best, we made a compilation of advices from the best people to talk to you about this, the ones that work all year to bring FEST to you, the people here at the office.

The advices are varied, some more maternal, some more friend like, but all essential to enjoy the festival to its fullest.


The basics: buy tickets, book accommodation and bring summer clothes, but also, bring a jacket, because it’s really windy here. I think that’s the best advice, bring a jacket.

Isadora Libório, guest manager


Clothes! During the day it’s really hot, during the night it’s really cold, so you want to be prepared for both. And these are pretty intense days, in my opinion, you should bring comfortable clothes that allow you to walk all day. Then I think it’s important to figure out the distance from Porto and best time to visit, because it’s always worth it.

Maria Sá, production team


Simple, towel and beach wear.

Maria Miranda, production team

My recommendation is related to the mental preparation to the festival week. If this is not well done you will possibly face two things: the first before your arrival, specially for the ones coming for the first time, that we call “heebie-jeebies” and the other one, known as “post-festival depression”, that has as main symptoms a devastating feeling that for a week it was all a dream and that life no longer makes sense.

José Costa, communication


Bring business cards, an old fashioned technique that’s still pretty relevant. It makes no sense to go to an event with such strong industrial presence without bringing along some business cards. And the more unique the better, it becomes harder to forget and to put in a pocket where it becomes lost forever.

Fernando Vasquez, head of programming


I would say not to forget to check the program before coming and try to plan the activities, because it's always difficult to decide, as we have many masterclasses, workshops, feature and short film screenings, Networking Dinners and events in Festival Village. Also, take part in the Speed Meeting on June 19th, as it's the best opportunity to meet everybody. And don't forget to try great Portuguese sea food, accompanied with fresh green wine (it's worth to mention that it's very budget-friendly).

Dominika Lusniak, school partnerships


First you have to take the weather in consideration, sunglasses and sunscreen are very important, there are always great sunburns at FEST. Then, there are parties every night, so I would recommend some painkillers, for those who want to be up until late or drink too much, but still go to that 9:30am masterclass.

Ana Ferreira, production team


Hope this were some useful advices that help you make the best of this week of learning, networking and having fun.

Registrations for FEST - Training Ground are open here until 31 May. The registration that normally costs €69.99, is available for €57.99 as part of a 40 hour campaign, ending on 11 May at 24h00.

See you in June!