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Stephan Elliot confirmed masterclass at FEST - Training Ground

With May approaching fast this year’s Training Ground line-up is filling up quickly with good news and more guest speaker confirmations, including several big weights of the international film industry.

We are delighted to confirm one of Australia’s most prolific and ground-breaking film directors, screenwriters and Producers: Stephan Elliot.

Elliot became a household name when his first feature, “Frauds” (1993), was selected for competition and premiered in Cannes Film Festival and went on to cause quite a sensation within the international film festival circuit, creating much anticipation for what was to come.

“The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert” (1994) was not only one of the year’s major commercial and critical success’ but would also go on to become a massively influential cult film at a global level. Racking up an Academy Award®, BAFTA and AFI awards for Best Costume Design and a Best Make-up/Hair. Other nominations include a Writers Guild Award and Golden Globe for Best Comedy/Musical.

Stephan Elliot was also behind great successes such as “Eye of the beholder” (1999)  starring Ewan McGregor, Ashley Judd, KD Lang and Jason Priestley. The film premiered at Venice that year winning the Brussels sci-fi and fantasy festival, an award also shared by “Frauds” (1993).

In 2014 he was part of the “Rio Eu Te Amo” production, an ensemble of short produced by some of the most innovative filmmakers of his generation, including Fernando Meirelles, Paolo sorrentino and John Turturro.  

Earlier this year his 10th and latest feature, “Swinging Safari”, starring Kylie Minogue, was release to great praise.

The filmmaker will be present at FEST – Training Ground 2018 to do a Masterclass.

FEST - Training Ground takes place in Espinho from the 19th to the 24th of June

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