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Silver Lynx Competition Part 2 - Fiction Shorts

Today we reveal the remaining part of Silver Lynx Competition: our Short Fiction selection. 23 films from 19 countries packed in 4 screenings make up our Short Fiction competition, with particular emphasis to Portugal, Belgium, Brazil, Holland and Canada, with two films each. 

It includes some of the biggest hits of the last 12 months, such as the Portuguese sensation and multi-awarded “the Installation of Fear” by Ricardo Leite. Mixing a series of different genres, from the comedic approaches of “Ready To Assemble” by Norwegian directors Astrid Thorvaldsen & Erik Paulsen, to a reinvention of Genre cinema in the daring and mysterious “Room for Rent” by Enock de Carvalho e Matheus Farias, the competition for the Silver Lynx Award for Best Short Fiction promises to be fierce. FEST audiences will also be able to marvel at the visual beauty of Canada’s François Jaros’ “Oh What a Wonderful Feeling”, and be shockingly surprised by “Millimeterle” by Pascal Reinmann, among many others. There are surely no lack of reasons to dig in deep our short fiction competition this year, as it is one of the strongest ever.

Short Fiction listing

Home, Žiga Virc, Slovenia, 14'
A Night in Tokoriki, Roxana Stroe, Romania, 18'
Ambi, Marija Apcevska, Macedonia, 18'37
Downside Up, Peter Ghesquie, Belgium, 15'
Farewell to Flesh, Julia Anquier, Brasil, 11'03
Maria, Jaime Habac Jr., Filipinhas, 10'36
Milimeterle, Pascal Reinmann, Switzerland, 15'45
Molotov Man, Joris Weerts, Holland, 26'
Mutants, Alex Dostie, Canada, 16'29
Night Painting, Cristina Grosan, Hungary, 17'
Non Castus, Andrea Castillo, Chile, 21'49
Ø (nullset), Daniel Donato, Holland, 21'
Oh What a Wonderful Feeling, François Jaros, Canada, 14'45
Por Diabos, Carlos Amaral, Portugal, 10'45
Ready to Assemble, Astrid Thorvaldsen e Erik Paulsen, Norway, 20'50
Room for Rent, Enock Carvalho e Matheus Farias, Brasil, 21'
Roommates, Titas Laucius, Lithuania, 7'24
Seven Minutes, Assaf Machnes, Israel, 14'
Silence, Dejan Mrkic, Reino Unido/Australia, 14'
State of Emergency, Tarek Roehlinge, Germany, 12'
The Fear Instalation, Ricardo Leite, Portugal, 14'
Three Steps, Ioseb “Soso” Bliadze, Georgia, 19'
Two Opposed, Laura Van Haecke, Belgium, 21'27

On tomorrow's agenda: National Competition and Nexxt