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San Sebastian Film Festival kicks off with a scent of FEST

The San Sebastian International Film Festival kicks off today, and there is no need to dig very deep to find FESTians on the bill.

One of the films that is generating more anticipation on the internet is surely “Porto” by the German Gabe Klinger, which will be competing for the coveted New Directors Award. This co-production with a touch of Portuguese production company Bando à Parte, put together names such as Jim Jarmush and Rodrigo Areias, ex Training Ground guest speaker. Equally relevant is the sheer number of young Portuguese artists who played a role in this production, naming Julio Alves, Actor/Producer of “The Kingdom” which won a Silver Lynx at FEST (year»), as a key member of the special effects department.


After the successful premiere at Locarno, “The Ornithologist” by João Pedro Rodrigues, also an ex Training Ground Speaker, arrives now at the most important film event in the Iberian Peninsula, in the non competitive section Pearls. Also on display will be the most acclaimed film by this year's TG speaker Pete Travis. Basque audiences will have another chance to cach up with his “Omagh” in the The Act of Killing, Cinema and Global Violence section.


Last but not least, t would be impossible not to congratulate the young Belgium filmmaker Leonardo van Dijl, whose first short film “Get Ripped”, was a major success at FEST in the past, and is not returning to the spotlight with his latest short “Umpire”, opening new doors for the years ahead.