Report FEST - 24 June

The sixth day of FEST couldn’t have done better! It was time for  Ed Lachman: Live commentary: Dop's Insight, a format that allows a critical viewing of a work and an exploration of details that go unnoticed by the common gaze.


Nancy Bishop returned to the 13th edition of FEST for a masterclass where she explained the best techniques to apply for the selection of actors for films and series, using several practical issues of representation. To talk about planning, ornamentation, implementation process and the importance of visual effects in the production process we had Nick Drew at Multimeios Espinho Auditorium.


Melissa Leo, Jen Gatien and Nicole Quinn  have gathered in the same room and shared experiences with the public in a masterclass entitled  The Adaptation of the Argument to the Big Screen.

 Carolina Duarte is a collaborator in the Shortcutz program and was also present for an atelier where she discussed the strategies that have been implemented by the movement in building audiences for the program.


Yesterday, FEST screened the latest shorts and feature films in competition for the Golden Lynx and Silver Lynx. Pitching Forum has ended. The most appreciated projects have yet to be announced and prizes awarded to the winners of this 6th edition at the Closing Ceremony.

It was already the first phase of the competition Portuguese Grand Prix, which began with a session of the first four short films: A Blue Refuge by João Lourenço, Author by Rui Neto, Ivan by Bernardo Lopes and 78.4 Radio Pluto by Tiago Amorim.

 The films Park by Sofia Exarchou and The Road Movie by Dmitrii Kalashnikov have closed the Golden Lynx Competition, with exhibitions in the auditorium Multimeios and Casino Espinho.