Report FEST - 23 JUNE

FEST continues! On 23 June, many participants attended the Masterclass by Allan StarskiThe production designer explored how different relationships existed in shooting an environment and described how emotional knowledge of a filmmaker influenced by the visual style of a film.

Also with crowded audience was the masterclass of  Melissa Leo. The actress spokes of her journey and how to make the potential of independent cinema in building a solid and lasting career.

Paul Miller, James Cregeen and William Brown, the Training Ground program of yesterday.

In the Golden Lynx competitions we screening the films Sound Water by Olivier Jourdain and Icon by Wojciech Kasperski, at Casino Espinho.

It is worth remembering that the Pitching Forum's sessions began yesterday, a section that opens new filmmakers a world of possibilities.

The Greencoast bar filled up for Chris Malloy's The Fisherman's Son movie. Here, the atmosphere is lively during the night, where participants, guests and FEST staff gathered for another unmasked event.