Report FEST - 20 June

FEST has already started! The 20th of June featured the screening of Old Stone at Multimeios and Invisible Hand at the Espinho Casino, for the Golden Lynx Fiction competition. The focus of this day goes to the masterclass of Iain Smith, producer of the movie Mad Max: Fury Road, which approached central themes of the life of a film producer.

In the FESTinha program, several children were able to watch a short animation session at the Espinho Casino, and enjoy the activities in the FEST Village space, dedicated to all generations.

The non-competitive section Flavors of the World, dedicated to the filmographies of different countries, debuted with a number of short films from Greece, in the Spatium room of Multimeios.

The Greencoast Beach Bar received the first outdoor movie session which was dedicated to surfing: an alternative to traditional cinema.

Below are the photos of the activities, the first Networking dinner at Espinho Pools and the first FEST NIGHT in the bar.