Report 22 June

FEST continues! Yesterday Ed Lachman's masterclass "Through The Lens: A DOP Perspective" was sold out, where the director of photography shared with the audience his experience and the strategies used in his biggest challenges. Also Ivan Sharrock shared his experience with the public with the masterclass entitled "Sound Mixing in Big Productions", where he exposed techniques and tools for the greatest productions.

Following up on the program for Training Ground, actor Nuno Lopes gave the participants an exposition of his point of view on representation. Still on acting was the workshop of actor Cecil Baldwin, with tips and exercises to control anxiety, in order to transform "everyday things" into a play.

How to fight against prejudice in professional and funding opportunities was this theme for Cecil Baldwin and Melissa Leo's conversation and panel discussion. 

In the competitions for the Fiction Golden Lynx, yesterday As You Are by Miles Joris-Peyrafitte premiered in Multimeios and 8:30 by Laura Naysmith in Casino de Espinho.

Iran was present in the Flavours of the World via a series of short films that allowed everyone to discover new horizons through the cinema.

Once again there was a movie session for the youngest at the Espinho casino at the FESTinha sessions, with activities taking place all day long just next door at FEST Villa.

Also worth remembering the outdoor movie session at the Greencoast bar with Heather Hudson's Women and the Waves 2, and the NEXXT competition, which is already in the fifth session.