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Premiering this Week | March 9

This week, our highlight goes to the expected “Saint Jorge”, directed by Marco Martins and with Nuno Lopes as the lead actor, to the Chilean film “Neruda”, and to “A United Kingdom”.


Saint Jorge, Marco Martins (Portugal)

Synopsis: In 2011 Portugal began the so-called "year of the Troika" (EU, IMF and ECB budget cuts and economic restructuring), with the level of debt among the Portuguese people reaching staggering amounts and a growing number of families and companies unable to repay their installment loans. Jorge is an unemployed boxer on the verge of losing his son and his wife, who has decided to return to Brazil. As a means of paying off his debt and persuading his wife to remain in Portugal, Jorge accepts a job with a debt-collection agency, which will drag him into a world of violence and crime.




Neruda, Pablo Larraín (Chile, Argentina, France, Spain, USA)

Synopsis: When Chilean poet Pablo Neruda is named an enemy of the state in 1948 for his communist leanings, a determined investigator launches a search to apprehend him. Neruda seizes on the opportunity to make a larger political and literary statement, and engages the investigator in a game of cat and mouse in this historical biopic directed by Pablo Larrain.




A United Kingdom, Amma Asante (United Kingdom, Czech Republic, USA)

Synopsis: A UNITED KINGDOM tells the inspiring true story of Seretse Khama, the King of Bechuanaland (modern Botswana), and Ruth Williams, the London office worker he married in 1948 in the face of fierce opposition from their families and the British and South African governments. Seretse and Ruth defied family, Apartheid and empire - their love triumphed over every obstacle flung in their path and in so doing they transformed their nation and inspired the world.