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Premiering this Week | December 29th

"Premiering this Week" will choose the best films that are premiering in Portugal, as the title suggests, this week.

A lot of films worth seeing premiere in December or in the beginning of the year. Therefore, this first list shows five films that we can't miss:


The Dancer, Stéphanie di Giusto (France)

Synopsis: Loïe Fuller was the toast of the Folies Bergères at the turn of the 20th century and an inspiration for Toulouse-Lautrec and the Lumière Brothers. The film revolves around her complicated relationship with protégé and rival Isadora Duncan.



The Light Between Oceans, Derek Cianfrance (United Kingdom, New Zealand, United States)

Synopsis: Fassbender is Tom Sherbourne, a man hiding from the world as a lighthouse keeper on a tiny island miles off the coast of Western Australia (and modelling a nice line in fisherman-chic knitwear). During a visit to the mainland he meets funny, full-of-life Isabel (Alicia Vikander).

They marry and live in bliss until Isabel suffers two life-destroying late miscarriages. When a rowing boat washes up on the beach with the body of a man and a crying baby, Isabel wants to keep the little girl. How can this be a coincidence? Tom is horrified, but he can’t deny his wife's grief. So they raise their ‘daughter’ Lucy on the island, fingers in their ears, their isolation from the world blocking out the implications of their choice.



The Olive Tree, Icíar Bollaín (Spain, Germany)

Synopsis: Alma’s family has been producing quality olive oil in the Baix Maestrat area of Spain’s Castellón for generations. Yet changing pressures in the industry have made their traditional practices economically untenable, and the family is now in the mass-production poultry business.



On the Milky Road, Emir Kusturica (Serbia, United Kingdom, United States)

Synopsis: Based on Kusturica's segment featured in the anthology film Words with Gods. The film is a three part narrative following selected critical periods in the life of a man and his country. The difficult period of being at war, blooming days when he falls in love with a woman who is willing to sacrifice all to save him and final days as a reclusive monk looking back on his turbulent past.



Até Nunca, Benoît Jacquot (France, Portugal)

Synopsis: The film swirls around a self-centred filmmaker who, during a screening of one of his films, wanders into an adjoining gallery and becomes mesmerized by a young performance artist. Dumping his leading lady and long-time lover, Rey embarks on a wild and delirious affair with the equally willing Laura, who jumps on the back of his motorcycle and rides with him into instantaneous love. Holed up in Rey's remote country mansion, the couple appears to have found bliss — until, one day, Laura is disturbed by strange noises that turn out to be a prelude to disconcerting developments. The dreamlike world the two have constructed slowly begins to come apart.