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Premiering this Week | APRIL 7

From an artist who used her art to defend what she believed in, to someone who unexpectedly is responsible for a child who he was told was his daughter, to a young boy whose dream was bigger than any adversity, to a poet bus driver. These are the stories in this week’s movie premieres.

Paula Rego, Secrets & Stories , Nick Willing (United Kingdom)

Synopsis: Born in Portugal, a country her dad always told it wasn’t good for women, Rego used her powerful images as a weapon against the totalitarian regime before settling in London, where continued to approach questions about women’s situations, around subjects like the rights over abortion. But, above all, her paintings are a cryptic glimpse about an intimate world of personal tragedy, perverted fantasies an awkward truths.


Two is a Family, Hugo Gélin (France)

Synopsis: Samuel (Omar Sy) has a chilled life in Marseille, by the river under the sun of southern France. But everything changes when one of his past lovers puts in his harms a new-born baby. Called Gloria and she’s Samuel’s daughter!




The Idol, Hany Abu-Assad (Palestine)

Synopsis: Mohammad, a young man from Gaza, who dreams of singing in Cairo’s Opera house and be recognized by his voice all over the world.


Paterson , Jim Jarmusch (USA)

Synopsis: The action happens in Patterson, New Jersey, and follows a poet bus driver.