Pitching Forum
Day 1 - Pitching Forum Winners

Today marked the first day of FEST's - Pitching Forum that, this year, tackles a new format!

This is the first time ever that the event is taking place online, but distances have been shortened for a few hours, and the Pitching Forum participants, with all their projects and ideas, had an opportunity to pitch their work to a devoted panel and jury!

Today the Feature Film Pitching Sessions took place, during the morning, and in the afternoon the participants met with the jury, panel, and audience members. Besides the opportunity for exposure that FEST - Pitching Forum grants its participants, it also offers its own recognition to projects that stand out.

After a long array of great pitches, the jury worked very hard to select the projects for the FEST - Pitching Forum awards. 

This was their decision:

FEST Mentorship Award
Hell and Heaven - Petra Priskin

FEST Film Lab Award
Becoming Emileen - Edwin Ho
All Things Considered - James Choi

FEST Post-Production Award
Zanadoo - Trevor Hardy