Pitching Forum
Pitching Forum Selected Projects 2020

We already know the selected projects for FEST - Pitching Forum 2020! 

In total, there will be 28 projects competing for an opportunity to win development and co-production awards in four categories: 

  • Fiction Feature Films (of the minimum runtime of 55 minutes) in early stages of development;
  • Fiction Short Films (up to 55 minutes) in early stages of development;
  • Documentary Films (both feature and short length) in early stages of development;
  • Short, Feature and Documentary Films in advanced production stages;



All Things Considered - James Choi
Becoming Emileen - Edwin Ho
Castaway - Fernando Vendrell
Dead River - Lucas Mirvois
Going the Distance - Christian Vandelet
Hell and Heaven - Petra Priskin
Scarlett_123 - Jack Wake-Walker
Somewhere, Nowhere - Dejan Mrkic
Tinginys - Maximilien Dejoie
Wounded Lands - Dana Rotberg
Zanadoo - Trevor Hardy
Gósol, a village above the clouds Ferran Audí Cendrós, Carlos Monte Salvador



Allegory of the Painted Woman - Nelson Polfliet
Cough Lucas Leonidas
In Her Face - Margarida Madeira
Out of Sync - Mattia Napoli
Point in Time - Franziska Wieden
The Man Who Desalinated the Sea - Zurab Dzhidzhilava
To Beat an Egg - Jasper Enujuba



Bald Women - Sandra Roman Peñalba
Fame, Our Story - Andrea Andresakis
Olympic Travels - Ursula Romero Gerberding
Prophet of Doom - Nikolai Galitzine
Swinging Fields - Sareen Hairabedian



Morenita - Gabriela Ortega
So Foul a Sky - Clive Patterson
Sumba, Slave Island - Kristian Van Der Heyden
You Shall See No Country - Thiago Mendonça
Zakura - Maria Kobzareva