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North Korea in focus in the section Be Kind Rewind

Considering the theme of FEST - New Directors | New Films Festival 2018,  Borders, North Korea is something that can’t be left out. And because without knowing the past, it’s hard to develop a proper sense of the future, this year’s retrospective, presented in the sessions the non-competitive section Be Kind Rewind, will focus the north-korean cinematographic outbreak of the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s.

In the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of films and documentaries about the korean reality and their (lack of) connection to the outside world, clearly showing the rising interest and awareness of the world community for what is happening in this singular country. But, in general, the focus is always directed to the conflict with other countries, to the extravagances of the regime and to the really restrict connections between north-corean people and the rest of the world.

In this retrospective section, we propose to use films and cinema, a big extravagance of the regime not so long ago, to, always considering it’s propagandistic nature, look through one of the only windows we have for the life in this country. Looking at borders not as a barrier but as a connection between two different places, it only makes sense to try and know North Korea’s culture.

To guarantee that what happened it’s not forgotten, to raise awareness for the need of knowing a culture in what it has been and in what it is now, to assure that all of this is considered when minding the future. For us, it is important that there be space in the national agenda to watch, to know and to discuss North Korean cinema, FEST proposes to be part of that space.

Today and in the next two days, three films made in North Korea will be screened:


19 JUN | 14:30h | Casino de Espinho

Centre Forward

Kim Kil-In | PRK | 67’


20 JUN | 15:00h | Casino de Espinho

Hong Kil-dong

Kil-in Kim, Sang-ok Shin. With Chang Son Hui, Gwon Ri, Riyonun Ri, Yong Ho Ri | PRK | 108’


21 JUN | 14:00h | Casino de Espinho

Souls Protest

Kim Chun-song | PRK | 100’