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National Grand Prix '21 celebrates the boldest voices of portuguese cinema

Portuguese cinema returns to Espinho with more films than ever: this year, FEST expands it National Grand Prix competition to three different sessions, exhibiting dozens of films from the new generation of Portuguese cinema.

From fresh debuts to long-awaited returns, the 2021 Portuguese competition remains one of the highlights of FEST's film programming, presenting our audience with a range of diverging emotions and themes, from the traditional caretos, to dance, to existential annoyance, to equally contemplative and experimental animation cinema.

And it's with the animations we start highlighting O Voo das Mantasthe new short-film from Bruno Carnide — returning two years after showing us the as tragic as it is short Equinox —, and Casa 52directed by Helena Bernardes e Margarida Rocha; both films explore animation techniques differently, but find a common ground in poetic voice-over narration.

Besides Carnide, we also highlight the return of Rúben Sevivas with Sobrevoo, of Alberto Seixas with Hunting Day, of Matilde Calado with Como Gado, and of Edgar Morais with We Won't Forget. All of these short films show us a generation in conflict with everything and everyone: with nature, with the past, and with itself.

Jumping over to the festival debuts, Musgo, from the duo Alexandra Guimarães and Gonçalo L. Almeida is certainly a highlight, as is Orkhan Aghazadeh's The Womb, and multi-hyphenate Filipe Melo's O Lobo Solitário. Despite the highlights, every single film in the National Grand Prix is an absolute delight, so we don't recommend you miss any of the three sessions we have prepared for you.


And keep your eyes peeled — the full program will be announced very soon!

Discover the already announced sections here.


Sobrevoo, Rúben Sevivas, Portugal, 20'

Variations, Inês Pedrosa e Melo, United States/Portugal, 12'

Musgo, Alexandra Guimarães, Gonçalo L. Almeida, Portugal, 16'

O Voo das Mantas, Bruno Carnide, Portugal, 7'

Party Tattoos, Teresa Sandeman, Portugal, 8'

Miraflores, Rodrigo Braz Teixeira, Portugal, 18'

Entre as Abelhas e o Pregado, Ana Linnea Lidegran Correia, Portugal/Sweden/Belgium, 7'

Tália, Pedro Cruz, David Gomes, Portugal, 25'

Depth Wish, Margarida Albino, Portugal, 12'

Adaptação, Ngima Gelu Lama, Portugal, 15'

Annexus, Claudia Moreno, Portugal, 6'

Hunting Day, Alberto Seixas, Portugal, 3'

The Womb, Orkhan Aghazadeh, Portugal, 17'

Uma Mulher com uma Câmara, Tiago Iúri, Portugal, 5'

Tornado, Sofia Summavielle, Portugal, 3'

O Lobo Solitário, Filipe Melo, Portugal, 24'

Mulher como Árvore, Alejandro Vázquez San Miguel, Carmen Tortosa, Daniela Cajías, Flávio Ferreira, Helder Faria, Portugal, 18'

¿Por qué, Lima?, Ana Monteiro, Peru/Portugal, 15'

Casa 52, Helena Bernardes, Margarida Rocha, Portugal, 3'

Fora de Jogo, José Freitas, Portugal, 12'

Como Gado, Matilde Calado, Portugal, 5'

We Won't Forget, Lucas Elliot Eberl, Edgar Morais, United States/Portugal, 14'